Title Sequences - True Detective (2014)

"Visually, we were inspired by photographic double exposures. Fragmented portraits, created by using human figures as windows into partial landscapes, served as a great way to show characters that are marginalised or internally divided. It made sense for the titles to feature portraits of the lead characters built out the place they lived."

got an even shorter haircut.


got an even shorter haircut.

i have to time machine back up my current computer
but my only available external hard drive is currently half full with stuff.

which means that i have to boot up my new computer
transfer all of my external stuff onto my new computer
and thenback up my old computer to transfer to my new computer.

that’s going to take hours
so i’ll do that tomorrow.

which means i won’t be around for a while.

sorry i’ve been gone for the past few days

my computer is on its last leg so i had to go get another and i’m still in the process of transitioning over.

won’t be completely done for a few days.

also, i’ll be out of photoshop sooo if anyone has a torrent link to ps4 or more help a brother out


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